Stories, that take off!

Stories, that take off!

Me, during a shooting for August Förster Pianos

In 2017 I picked up my trusty companion, the photo-camera, and shot a little video. She can do it too... But at that moment it was over for me! That's what I want to do - film!
After a lot of training - a few years of sweat and passion - I decided in 2021 to become a full-time filmmaker. And so I founded filmtions.
I think and live in images and stories. A film idea comes to me in the night. And so I lie awake until the morning until the first rough cut appears in my head. And so I throw myself into the work: concept, synopsis, script, storyboard, financing, project plan - which isn't all included!
But what I like most is taking the camera in my hand and turning the idea into reality. To a story that takes off.
When I'm not filming, I like to use my analogue and digital cameras. Or sit at the piano. Film music is also created there...