Stories, that take off!


Why make a film about aviation when there are already many documentaries on the subject?

It's family and blood: 

My grandfather already flew in Upper Lusatia, my father owned a flight school here, and I know this region from the cockpit as well.

It's history and stories: 

The historical significance of the border triangle should not be underestimated and the stories of the pilots tell events from four German eras: Weimar Republic, Third Reich, GDR and the Federal Republic of today.


It is the common thread: The passion of the pilots of the past and those of today!


"To be a great bird in the sky, a human bird that is carried up by the wind and drawn to the earth! At the same time absurd and light: to be heavy in the weightless air. To have a will that is stronger than the powers; to create a reality that is bolder than that Legends that didn't grant man his wings!"  Louis Bleriot, aviation pioneer, 1872-1936