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August Förster Piano Manufacturer: The aim was to present the traditional craftsmanship in the factory in a short clip for social media. Since it was supposed to be timeless, no narration was planned. My idea was to have the pianist Marc Ehrenfried record the music for the film directly in the factory. Thanks to all involved!

Heritage Goerlitz "Our inheritance, your future": An interview film with Prof. Dr. Kroll was  from Chemnitz University of Technology was requested. The film was commissioned as a short-term change to the target assignment, as the originally planned interview partner had completely canceled. Within a month, the entire concept had to be re-implemented using existing B-roll material. A shoot was carried out with three unleashed cameras, a static camera, lighting setup and boom. The result is 3 versions: trailer 3 minutes, short film approx. 15 minutes (seen here) and the long version (1:12). The result is an exciting film about science, faith and German-Polish history.

Weddingfilm Johannes & Helene: I love filming weddings. The personal story and the special day can always be told well in the film.


Imagefilm "Lerchenberghof": An authentic film was created for a 4-star holiday farm. The challenge was the existing construction situation and introducing the operators to the camera. A friendship developed from working together.


Summerfilmacademy Goerlitz / Re-Touch: A short film about relationships and touch was created in collaboration with the Polish director Kasia Obidzińska. I not only designed the film image, lighting and camera, but was also able to freely incorporate my ideas into the implementation of the content.

"Wings of Dawn" - documentary: My heartfelt topic: I'm currently working on this long-term project. A documentary about the exciting aviation history in the border triangle of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. This project will go into crowdfunding within the next few days.


elements - short documentary This film was created in 2023 during the Summer Film Academy and portrays Hongji Liu, an actor from Salzburg. I conceptualized, directed, shot and edited this film. Thanks to the two excellent actors and everyone involved.

This little film was made in Portugal in January 2024. A short and partly improvised filming gives an insight into Jürgen's life. He came to Portugal in 2021 and has gradually expanded his Casa Logos here. A warm encounter!